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Ferrofluid Magnetoscope

Users control magnets to achieve beautifully flowing liquid structures.

Videos show it in action and explain the principles that make it work:

- Fun Exhibits YouTube page

- Ferrofluid explained at NYSCI

- Ferrofluid: How it works

- How Atom Smashers Work

Video: Magnetoscope at Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago

Updated Elevators!

The Fun Exhibits Ferrofluid  Magnetoscope (tm) is now even more amazing! 

New and improved magnet elevators now feature continuous rotation while the magnet platform raises and lowers,  regardless of handle rotation direction, with no hard stops. 

This robust family favorite continues to be zero-maintenance and will last for generations!

Earlier Fun Exhibits Ferrofluid Magnetoscopes can be upgraded with this backward-compatible improvement.

This exhibit is proudly displayed by these museums and science centers:

The Magnetoscope has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including: